[ng-dhtml] dojo.dom, dojo.style and dojo.html: the new homes for dojo.xml.domUtil anddojo.xml.htmlUtil

Paul Sowden paul at idontsmoke.co.uk
Wed Sep 14 11:39:38 CDT 2005

On 14 Sep 2005, at 01:26, Scott J. Miles wrote:

> My projects were outputting 'deprecated' warnings for xml.htmlUtil,  
> xml.domUtil, and alg.Alg. So I went ahead and update the core files  
> that were using the old modules. There is still a lot of use of  
> these deprecated modules in the widgets however. Also the htmlUtil  
> module called itself domUtil in the deprecation warning. I fixed  
> that too.

Ok, thanks very much, I hadn't got around to doing this yet.

> What's going to happen to svgUtil.js? Seems like it should be  
> promoted too.

At the moment the file is just a stub but I think Tom's working in an  
SVG environment at the moment and he's working some on an SVG utility  
file which will sit in the same place as dom, html, etc. But yes, it  
should be promoted too :-)

> That leaves Parse.js all by itself. It could be promoted to xml.js  
> or xmlParse.js or something and xml/ could be eliminated. Is that  
> excessive flattening?

The main thing we were trying to do is differentiate between utility  
functions and object definitions. Parse is an object rather than a  
set of functions so it can still live in Parse.js, where as the html,  
dom, math, date, ... js files do not define objects so they have been  
moved to reflect this.

Paul Sowden

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