[ng-dhtml] dojo.dom, dojo.style and dojo.html: the new homes for dojo.xml.domUtil anddojo.xml.htmlUtil

Scott J. Miles sjmiles at turbophp.com
Wed Sep 14 03:26:14 CDT 2005

I like it. :)

Some notes:

My projects were outputting 'deprecated' warnings for xml.htmlUtil,
xml.domUtil, and alg.Alg. So I went ahead and update the core files that
were using the old modules. There is still a lot of use of these deprecated
modules in the widgets however. Also the htmlUtil module called itself
domUtil in the deprecation warning. I fixed that too.

What's going to happen to svgUtil.js? Seems like it should be promoted too. 

That leaves Parse.js all by itself. It could be promoted to xml.js or
xmlParse.js or something and xml/ could be eliminated. Is that excessive


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This is for the attention of those using SVN HEAD or the Dojo nightly  

dojo.xml.domUtil and dojo.xml.htmlUtil have been split out into  
dojo.dom, dojo.style and dojo.html. To include the new files use:


For those using Dojo only in an HTML environment (that's pretty much  
everyone at the moment) it is useful to note that dojo.html inherits  
from dojo.style and dojo.dom so you do not need to worry about the  
different namespaces if you don't want to, everything can be accessed  
using dojo.html.

In most cases the functions have simply been moved but a couple of  
the method names have been normalised so in some cases you'll need to  
look up the new function names. This can be done by inspecting the  
src/xml/[dom|html]Util.js stub for the new mapping.

The library should continue to work without making any changes and if  
Dojo breaks by simply rev'ing please file a bug.


Paul Sowden

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