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Martin Cooper martinc at apache.org
Tue Sep 6 17:11:27 CDT 2005

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Aaron Boodman wrote:

> On 9/6/05, Martin Cooper <martinc at apache.org> wrote:
>> Actually, in my experience, they *do* care about the way it looks and the
>> way it behaves. And that takes a lot of work, so they want to pick up
>> something instead of having to develop it themselves. If they can pick up
>> something that does the job but is a mire of spaghetti, that's usually
>> better than something technically brilliant that doesn't do the job.
> Ok in my experience they care how it behaves only in so much as that
> it fulfills a set of coarse functional requirements; and not so much
> at all how it looks.

You have no idea how much time we spend discussing appearance in my day 
job. ;-) But perhaps the distinction here is that we build products for 
use within an intranet, rather than corporate in-house applications.

> Perhaps when the ajax revolt settles down a bit, there will be more
> clearly needed and reusable widgets, and Dojo can and should support
> those. Perhaps Dojo can even blaze ahead and set the standard here.
> I guess what I'm saying is that I see those widgets being things like
> editors, popup autocomplete, date pickers, and other things that we
> have not seen yet. Not tabsets, grids, and trees.

And what I'm saying is that if the Dojo team elects to go with less of a 
focus on widgets, then it should expect to lose mindshare to toolkits that 
are widget-rich, whether or not it's technically better. Whether or not 
that's a bad thing is up to you (the Dojo team, not you personally, Aaron 

Martin Cooper

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