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Martin Cooper martinc at apache.org
Tue Sep 6 16:53:36 CDT 2005

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Aaron Boodman wrote:

> ... responding sorta to Martin ...
> There's really two separate markets: intranet and internet. On the web
> right now, I don't see a common widget set working. It's just too hard
> to make it customizable enough and lightweight enough and simple
> enough all at the same time.

Perhaps, but that doesn't mean that people want to start from scratch, 
especially if they need a relatively complex widget.

> For the intranet, I agree with what you're saying. People just want
> something that works. They don't care as much about having it fit in
> visually. There usually isn't anything to fit into in the first place
> :-).

Actually, in my experience, they *do* care about the way it looks and the 
way it behaves. And that takes a lot of work, so they want to pick up 
something instead of having to develop it themselves. If they can pick up 
something that does the job but is a mire of spaghetti, that's usually 
better than something technically brilliant that doesn't do the job.

Martin Cooper

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