[ng-dhtml] Dojo Update

Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Tue Sep 6 13:28:26 CDT 2005

Project News:

I didn't get one of these out last week (and I'm a day late this week), 
but hopefully it will be shorter than usual. I'm changing the format of 
the weekly updates so that they are starting points for discussion and 
less about backward-looking status. Where we are going is more 
important than where we just were.

The Dojo team just did something huge: we pushed out one of the best UI 
platforms for webapps in the world. A huge thank you to Paul and David 
for herding the release to completion, Tom and David for the new 
website, and to Jot for stepping in with hardware just when we needed 
it. We've had amazing support from Renkoo, Jot, TurboPHP, and 
CommerceNet. So far, more than two thousand people have downloaded 
0.1.0. Our web-server log graphs look like a hockey stick. We are on 
the way. 

But to where? I would suggest that Dojo has a chance to help ensure that 
neither XAML nor Flex get a chance to break the web. Dojo 0.1 is the 
first step to a portable future for developers that looks a lot like 
the portable and open past. It's funny in a way: Java was supposed to 
be the lock-in killer, but JavaScript is taking up the slack and 
winning where Java failed.

So if we're serious about finishing this platform and exposing the new 
and latent browser features that will let us collectively compete with 
a XAML, what do we need to produce? 

We've talked about SVG+VML as a possible way forward, but is it worth 
doing? and if so, when?

Other data transports have been spec'd (RePubsub, etc.), how important 
are these to us?

What should we be incorporating from MochiKit and the other contributed 
code bases on the 0.2 and 0.3 timeframes?

And when should 0.2. and 0.3 be released?

We have bugs open for 0.2 for supporting all kinds of development 
outside of the Dojo root, how important is this to our success?

What needs to be in 0.2 and beyond that to make Dojo the best way to 
build your UIs?

Lets talk about where we're going.


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