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I prefer not to put people's names into the archives without their
consent, but anyone that wants to know can chat with me off-list.

Adam Platti wrote:
> Congratulations!   Would you mind posting who your contact at Mozilla was for this?
>  Thanks,
>  Adam
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> Subject: [ng-dhtml] announcement: dojo + mozilla
> A quick announcement:
> I just finished meeting with some of the people at the mozilla
> foundation and have some great news.
> They were really nice, and want to make it easier for us to make
> Dojo-enabled apps better on Firefox, and make Dojo better.
> They have offered to help us out in whatever ways possible. Some examples:
> - tools development/collaboration
> - fixing bugs that hurt us most
> - cross-promotion
> - developer days for us to talk with them about our pain points and ideas
> - articles on devmo (developer.mozilla.org)
> - etc.
> More info. to come at tomorrow's IRC chat, but I felt the need to
> immediately share this, because I think it is a great opportunity for us
> to improve Dojo, improve the performance of Dojo-based apps, and to help
> people get involved with using and contributing to Dojo.
> Thoughts, comments, etc., let me know.
> -Dylan

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