[ng-dhtml] [Dojo-checkins] cal - r1909 - in trunk: src/widgettests/widget

Cal Henderson cal at iamcal.com
Wed Oct 26 14:16:12 CDT 2005

Cal Henderson <cal at iamcal.com> wrote:
: so here's what seems to be going wrong with sub-component parsing.

so here's something odd. if i comment out lines 243-261 of 
DomWidget.js that tries to insert child components nodes into the 
parent, then everything works good in a nesting and component creating 

i don't understand why this works, or what it must be breaking, but 
all of the pane tests work correctly with that block commented out.

when we're doing a sub-component parse and we're parsing child nodes, 
there doesn't seem to be any reason to try and re-attach the child 
nodes. i imagine that code must be for something else, such as 
creating child components at runtime?


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