[ng-dhtml] licensing doc for review

Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Oct 24 01:28:51 CDT 2005

Are there objections to this document? If not, we'll move ahead with the 


On Wednesday 19 October 2005 6:13 pm, Alex Russell wrote:
> Howdy all,
> One of the tasks for accepting as a Dojo project is agreeing on a set
> of licensing guidelines that we can use to decide about
> dual-licensing discussions.
> I've put together a document for review and comment at:
> 	http://dojotoolkit.org/docs/licensing.html
> This was all kind of off the top of my head, so your help in
> reviewing it is most appreciated.
> If we adopt this, I think the last hurdle for the OpenRecord stuff
> will be voting by commiters on whether or not to accept them. If
> you've submitted a CLA but do not have a subversion account, you will
> not be eligible to vote, so send me mail if you don't have an account
> or are unsure.

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