[ng-dhtml] Fwd: contributing the OpenRecord IP to the Dojo Foundation

Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Wed Oct 5 21:54:45 CDT 2005

The OpenRecord project would like to develop under the auspices of the 
Dojo Foundation, and seem willing to abide by our guidelines regarding 
code ownership and the like.

Should we take them on? Yea or nay?


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Subject: contributing the OpenRecord IP to the Dojo Foundation
Date: Wednesday 05 October 2005 2:07 pm
From: "Brian Douglas Skinner" <brian.skinner at gumption.org>
To: alex at dojotoolkit.org
Cc: "'Chih-Chao Lam'" <chao at cs.stanford.edu>, "'Mignon Belongie'" 
<Mignon_Belongie at yahoo.com>, "'Jeffrey Harris'" <jeffrey at ic.org>, 
"'Marty Betz'" <martybetz at gmail.com>, "'Katie Capps Parlante'" 
<capps at cs.stanford.edu>

Hi Alex,

Thanks again for sitting down with me and Mignon at SuperHappyDevHouse
 and talking through all my questions.  In the past couple weeks we've
 converted all of the OpenRecord code to use the Dojo package system,
 and it's all working splendidly now!  We're now gradually phasing out
 our own homegrown JavaScript utility functions and porting our code
 over to the corresponding Dojo utilities: event registration, file IO,
 language extensions, etc.

Once the OpenRecord code is fully ported over to the Dojo
 infrastructure, there are some OpenRecord generic utility classes that
 you might want to consider as candidates for inclusion in the Dojo
 toolkit.  For example, we've got a simple general-purpose CSV parser,
 some classes for generating UUIDs and introspecting on UUIDs, and some
 simple functions for assertions and parameter type-checking.

I'm writing now to follow up with you about the idea of all the
 OpenRecord contributors signing the Dojo Contributor License
 Agreement, and having all the OpenRecord intellectual property be
 contributed to the Dojo Foundation. I've been corresponding with Ted
 Leung about the idea of nursing the OpenRecord project through the
 Apache Incubator to become an Apache project, but I think it makes
 more sense for the OpenRecord IP to live under the Dojo umbrella.  For
 one thing, I think there may be more of a natural fit between Dojo and
 OpenRecord, given that OpenRecord is building on top Dojo, and both
 projects are AJAX/JavaScript projects, and most of our contributors
 are geographically nearby.

If I understood correctly, I think you said you'd be happy for us to
contribute all the OpenRecord IP to the Dojo Foundation, but that you
 also needed to check with Dylan and the other Dojo folks.  Feel free
 to forward this mail to people at Dojo.  After that, what are the next

  We can get signed Dojo Contributor License Agreements from the past
 and present OpenRecord contributors, as well as new people who want to
 start contributing.  Is it okay to just point people to the CLA on the
 Dojo site, and have them print it and sign it and mail it to the Santa
 Monica address for the Dojo Foundation? 

  Right now we've got all the OpenRecord code in a Subversion
 repository hosted by BerliOS in Germany.  We can happily keep hosting
 from there, or we could move the code to a Dojo server, if you're set
 up for that.  I'm guessing it'd be more convenient for you to have us
 continue hosting from BerliOS, but I wanted to check.  If we do keep
 hosting from BerliOS, we will make it clear to OpenRecord contributors
 that all submissions to the OpenRecord BerliOS repository are
 submissions to the Dojo Foundation, under the terms of the Dojo CLA. 
 Likewise for mailing list contributions.

  Right now all the OpenRecord files have a little bit of legal
 boilerplate at the top of each file.  The boilerplate says, "Written
 in 2005 by xxx. Copyright rights relinquished under the Creative
 Commons Public Domain Dedication ...", plus it has some liability
 disclaimers.  Here's an example with the full text:

Multi EntriesView.js?rev=341&content-type=text%2Fplain>

  In the .zip file download of Dojo 0.1, all the files have some
 boilerplate that says, "Copyright (c) 2004-2005 The Dojo Foundation,
 Licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.1 or above."

  I'd love to dual-license the OpenRecord code, so that it's available
 under the Academic Free License that Dojo is using, as well as the
 Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication that we've been using.  Is
 it okay with you if we do that?  Do you care what boilerplate we use? 
 Maybe something like this: "Copyright (c) 2005 The Dojo Foundation and
 contributing authors. Licensed under the Academic Free License version
 2.1 or above. Copyright rights relinquished under the Creative Commons
 Public Domain Dedication."

Thanks again for taking the time to work with us!

  Brian Skinner
  brian.skinner at gumption.org


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