[ng-dhtml] putting the build tool thing to bed

Dylan Schiemann mail at dylans.org
Tue Sep 28 01:36:12 CDT 2004

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Alex Russell wrote:
| Essentially, unless you've done the release engineering on something
| like netWindows or burst, it's hard to grok how much goes into
| getting the right things in the right place in the right order. Build
| tools make that a process that I need to get right only once. This is
| a Good Thing (TM).
| Regards

Exactly.  I think that when we digress to a discussion of "*We're
talking about Javascript here*", we need to remind ourselves that no,
actually, we're not just talking about JavaScript as a simple,
second-class language.  We're looking to provide a platform for building
powerful client-side web apps.

What is worse: require a user to manually move files around for a build
process, or install a couple of standard tools and edit a config file?
It seems to me that the latter lends itself much more readily to be
adopted by visual tools developers.  And then I of course have the
perverse thought of creating the tool for deploying dojo apps using dojo :)

So in essence what we're talking about it automating tedious,
repetitive, error-prone, or complex tasks that any serious application
framework provides... including documentation, rapid application
deployment, testing, efficiency, etc.  In the case of Java and .Net,
these things are a given and the average developer just opens a tool
that provides behind the scenes hooks into all of these things.  We need
to have the right structure in place so that development of such tools
is feasible and flexible.

- -Dylan
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