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Now that we're moving to Subversion, it might be helpful for me to 
outline a little bit what that means and how you (one of those lucky 
people who have requested system accounts) can get your very own SVN 

Ok, so maybe it isn't all that exciting. Regardless, once you've got 
your system account and have changed your initial password, you will 
at the very least need an SVN client. Our server is running SVN 
1.0.x, so you should grab a client with any 1.x version number.

On Linux/*BSD, your package system will quite likely contain binaries 
of the SVN client. You will also need SSH (but you already have that, 
since you used it to log in and change your password). If suitable 
binaries aren't available from your vendor, have a look at:


For Windows, Cygwin is probably your most unix-like bet. For those who 
aren't quite feeling the command-line lovin, check out TortiseSVN:


And now down to the nitty-gritty of getting a checkout:

The Dojo repo is located on disk at /var/src/dojo. SVN uses a 
URL-based scheme for locating repos, and so in order to get your 
checkout, you have to specify a URL for it. Here's how I get a 

	%> svn co svn+ssh://alex@dojotoolkit.org/var/src/dojo

If you're using tortise, you'll only need the last (URL) part of that 
when making a checkout.

Once you have a checkout, you'll note that for each subsequent 
operation that talks to the repo, you will (likely) be prompted for 
your password. This is a significant annoyance. Since we are using 
SSH as the comm layer for SVN on karmann, you can setup SSH host keys 
for your account to get around this issue (but I'll leave discussion 
of that for another time).

For all the gorey details about SVN, see the subversion book:



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