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Dylan Schiemann mail at dylans.org
Fri Sep 17 18:34:35 CDT 2004

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Welcome back.  Here's an update of where we are:

- - We're finally starting with actual code development for dojo.  That
said, Alex and I are now both working full-time on dojo thanks to
- - The server that dojotoolkit.org was living has died and is now
resurrected, and Alex is reinstalling/reconfiguring, and about to place
the server at CommerceNet in Mountain View, who have graciously offered
to host the server for us at no charge.  This was arranged by our PHP
phenom Joyce Park.  The server has been renamed from Reliant to Karmann.
- - We're currently going through a lot of setup issues, namely
documentation, bootstrapping, building, testing, logging, rapid
application deployment, component data modeling, xml language syntax.
Once we have enough of these worked out, we're going to start building
the core of the toolkit.  This is part refactoring and migrating
existing code from netWindows/nWidgets, f(m), and burst, and part
writing new code (for example, support for arbitrary xml namespaced
components such as svg)
- - I've started hacking on the test harness and bootstrapping code in
burst, though I've paused on that until we decide on our build setup.
I'm currently working on evaluating and writing code for logging, with
netWindows as the basis for this.
- - Alex has been rebuilding the server, evaluating xml language syntaxes
for possible use (such as MXML from Macromedia), as well as evaluating
our options for documentation (one idea we had was to possibly use Rhino
from the command line to parse out an object tree for documentation)
- - We've been discussing some of these topics on the list... (lots of
valuable insight by MDA, David, Tom, MDA, Alex, Martin, Joyce, and
recently Cal) be sure to check the list archives if you've missed any of
this, and feel free to add follow-up comments.  We seem to have lost
Leonard, Aaron, and Scott, though hopefully they'll be more interested
once we're hacking on code.
- - I've been preparing the paperwork for establishing dojo as a
non-profit foundation.  This will allow us to accept contributions for
hosting and server equipment without Alex having to be personally liable
for tax, but more importantly, several of the larger companies we talked
with about this were uncomfortable with using a framework that is owned
by a person or company that could make it difficult to keep the project

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, and some of the people involved, so
feel free to fill in any details I've forgotten or misstated.

- -Dylan

Daniel Pupius wrote:
| Hey all, hope you all had a productive summer.  I'm back in the UK now
| and gearing up to start work again.  I was just wondering if I could get
| an update on the progress of this project, who's still on board, and
| what I can do to help.
| Take it easy.
| Dan
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