[ng-dhtml] Ant vs. make, reloaded

Dylan Schiemann mail at dylans.org
Fri Sep 17 17:09:52 CDT 2004

Some more information to help us think about Ant vs. make

Comparison of Ant vs. make (not suprising, some of the same points that MDA made):

These projects all provide some intriguing enhancements to Ant (basically to try to address various annoyances or difficulties with using Ant):

xml document that gets parsed into a script, basically it's a way to grab different collections of tag libraries (jstl, ant, junit, jellydoc, email, transformations, others) and merge them into one xml pipeline, i.e. jelly tags can emit and receive xml events, thus acting as a source, result, filter, or transformation.  Jelly is described as "a scripting plugin for Ant. Jelly can be called from inside Ant as an Ant Task, then the Jelly script can script other Ant tasks, access Ant properties and use all other Jelly tags such as for logic, looping, working with beans, XPath, SQL etc."  
http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/jelly/overview.html (Overview document that contains comparison with Ant, and list of uses.)

http://maven.apache.org/ create reusable Ant projects so that you can more easily reuse build files (and it includes a library of common projects) http://www.devx.com/java/Article/17204 (Devx Article)  Uses Jelly as its tag library for describing projects... basically it is a project meta model.

http://gump.apache.org/ designed with two main purposes: integration with cvs or svn, and  managing Java project dependencies and versions (aims to end "jar-hell")

Not that a lot of this stuff is necessarily relevant or useful for this project, but it does show some of the interesting ways in which Ant is being extended, which may or may not be useful to our target audience.

Let the discussion continue...


P.S. I setup the directory structure last night... once karmann is live (hopefully early next week), you'll be able to grab a copy of the repository.

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