[ng-dhtml] directory structure

Cal Henderson cal at iamcal.com
Thu Sep 16 13:26:42 CDT 2004

David Schontzler wrote:
: Well, I think that we'll probably want to combine some classes in a
: single file in some cases, but I'm sure we can set it up to combine
: files during build time. That said, one file per class should be fine.

this is what i was thinking - lay it out very simply (one class
per file) but use the build process to package it into bundles.
that would seem to meet our needs of being easy to develop and
fast to load in production.

perhaps the loader/importer gets generated at build time so that
it knows which classes are where, e.g.:


imports /src/foo/bar/baz.js at dev time and /src/foo_lib.js at
production time.


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