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Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Thu Sep 16 12:13:24 CDT 2004

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On Thursday 16 September 2004 1:16 am, Mark D. Anderson wrote:
> My primary objection to svn is the 44 (count them, 44) packages
> that it relies on.

I assume that a good portion of this number is for serving SVN over 
DAV, which I don't know if we want to do. I do have apache2 setup on 
karmann, and through the magic of yast2, all the deps for serving svn 
were satisfied very nicely without my intervention.

> This results in the same problem as
> with gnome or kde, which is that the chance is low
> that on any given day you can build the entire thing
> yourself from whatever package repository you choose.

Why is building it myself a requirement/virtue? This isn't something 
that you can/should do with p4, why should it be something you do 
with SVN?

> Or if you do succeed, there is the likelihood that
> it'll screw with something else on your system that
> may not want the version of apache2 or db4 or whatever
> else that svn requires.
> Yet somehow Perforce can manage to offer a single
> downloadable executable client program....

I share some of the frustrations with SVN's design and reliance on BDB 
and Apache. SVN 1.1 includes a new filesystem backend, but it's not 
released/stable yet, so we don't have that available. libapr is the 
apache dependency, and I do think it's good that they're not 
re-inventing the network client/server wheel for yet another 
enterprising skript kiddie to root.

> Rants aside, I'm game :).

Neat. I guess we're in agreement then. SVN it is.


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