[ng-dhtml] Dojo and server-side frameworks

Dylan Schiemann mail at dylans.org
Thu Sep 9 13:09:55 CDT 2004

First I'll apologize for starting so many threads today...

Last night Alex and I attended the SVJUG meeting where the founder of Struts and co-author of Java Server Faces, Craig McClanahan of Sun talked about JSF and Sun's development tool for creating web applications.

Basically like so many of these types of application or portal frameworks, JSF says little about the client side.  When asked about how to create a rich client-side component within JSF, we were basically told that this is an area ripe for innovation (translation: nobody has done it yet or really cared to provide a mechanism to do so).  We have talked as a group before as wanting to make sure that Dojo can be server agnostic, co-existing peacefully with hopefully any server-side framework.  So the question for me is, how far do we want to extend Dojo into this realm?  Which server-side web app frameworks do we want to work with, and what do we need to do for each of our targets to "play nice" within their system?

I suggest we start this discussion by first deciding what we want to work with, then decide how far we need to go for each of our targeted platforms, and then figure out who has the expertise and interest in working on this part of the project. Thoughts?


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