[ng-dhtml] ant vs. make revisited

Dylan Schiemann mail at dylans.org
Thu Sep 9 12:09:42 CDT 2004

A quick summary of the ant vs. make discussion so far to encourage further comments:

ant: 1 (Martin)
make: 2 (Alex, MDA)

I don't feel that I'm really qualified to place a vote as my only real experience is with Ant.  Ant seems great for getting setup quickly and for an easy to follow syntax if your familiar with xml.  make seems more performant, capable, flexible, and it sounds like it does a better job of not getting in your way.

So to me it sounds like make is better for our purposes, but might not be the easiest choice for our toolkit users to get up and running quickly.  The perverse though occurred to me of seeing if there is a way to convert back and forth between the two (i.e. Ant build scripts with xslt to create make build files, or some other way to generate ant build scripts out of make build files.


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