[ng-dhtml] Promotion

Tom Trenka ng-dhtml at dept-z.com
Thu Sep 9 09:51:17 CDT 2004

>I also don't think we're disagreeing, so I guess we must be agreeing about 
>something. This is good. ;-)


>I'm going to interpret your comment about the "need to promote to 
>non-techs" as a need to positively influence PHBs. If that's not what you 
>mean, then ignore the following and feel free to elaborate.
>I absolutely agree that what needs to be done to influence PHBs is very 
>different from what needs to be done to get developers to buy in. However, 
>I claim that if you can't get the developers to buy in, then it's a lost 
>cause with the PHBs. Therefore, in the initial stages of a project, 
>developer buy-in is much, much more important than PHB buy-in.

Um, forgive my ignorance.  What do you mean by "PHB"s?

And I wouldn't necessarily agree with you about the need for developer buy-in first.  BUT, this last statement I just made is a philosophical one, NOT a recommendation of approach.  The concept (AFAIK) is to set the very things you're talking about either completely up, or up soon (i.e. mailing list, like we have, wiki, etc.)  I would also probably suggest a threaded forum; in the very least that would help with whatever spurious support we plan on giving.

>Further, I claim that, while you may increase developer buy-in via robust 
>nightly builds, pre-release downloads, etc, you will not, for the most 
>part, get PHB buy-in without some sort of "official" release. To a PHB, if 
>it's pre-1.0, it's clearly not ready for prime time.

On this I thoroughly agree.  The key here is *stability*; if one wants the have the "luxury" of developing using a platform (regardless if it's OSS or not), there *has* to be something that "stands still" for at least 3 - 6 months (preferably the latter); trying to dev against an organically growing kit is like trying to take a crap on a toilet that's moving randomly at 5 miles an hour :)

>So my suggestion, at this stage in the game, is to forget about trying to 
>influence PHBs or other non-developers, and focus on hooking in the 
>developers themselves. Once you have the developers hooked, and they start 
>telling you that they need a way to convince their PHBs that this is what 
>they need - *then* you can start thinking about how to target the PHBs.

Ah, but then you are ignoring the influence of roles here!  *You* could (I don't know if you personally actually will) concentrate on the developers, by implementing some of the channels you think are important; one of my strengths is the fact that I'm a bit more of a visual designer than most of the people here, therefore I have been (willingly) stuck with the branding and visualization/interface that people will have to our "product".  That's my current role (outside of contributing to the actual kit itself), therefore I have to think about things like audiences other than hard-core developers.   That's good--that means we have diversity (not in the catholic sense) in terms of approach and dissemination.

All of this goes to say that I respectfully disagree with your last statement; there's absolutely no reason why we can't be approaching both goals at the same time, in a coordinated fashion, with coordinated launch/PR leaks/etc.


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