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Yeah, I suggested to Alex that he pick a name less likely to tempt fate.

Jennifer Tharp wrote:
| I'd like to propose that the refurbished box be given a less ironic name.
| Jennifer
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| Reliant is dead, long live reliant.
| Our rack-mounted server box has died an early death, and I'm taking
| this oppourtunity to refurbish it and get it hosted nearer to where I
| live. I'll be purchasing new SCSI drives for it and a Mylex RAID
| controller as well as new RAM. All this will be done before it goes
| back into the rack. Unless there are objections, I'm going to install
| Debian on it (again).
| Unfortunantly, our CVS repo is gone, as is the blog. I don't think we
| lost any data besides blog posts, but all the user accounts and
| config info for all the systems is gone.
| Thanks to everyone that helped advise me on where to find hosting and
| look for hardware.
| I'll keep you posted.
| Regards
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