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Daniel Pupius dan at pupius.co.uk
Wed Sep 1 13:16:08 CDT 2004


It has been about a month since I last successfully sent an email and the
project is now close to an end.  Today I have taken a break from the
inventorying and decamping of Base Camp to drive down to San Pedro Sula
where I have just set up one of Opwall's computers at The Fundacion
Ecologista H.R Pastor Fasquelle, a NGO that is working closely with us
here in Honduras.  It is a welcome break from the decamping process that
has been going on for over a week now.  We started when the majority of
the remaining scientists and volunteers left for a week long reconnoitre
in another national park called Pico Bonito.  Most are now back and
carrying out further reccies in the vicinity of Base Camp for a new jungle
training camp and a new satellite research station.  It is strange that
only a few weeks ago we had over 100 people based here, now you can rarely
count 10 heads at any one time.

When I returned from Cayos for the second time I took on the role of
Co-Camp Manager for Base Camp.  I had a week long brain dump with Ed where
he trained me up in vehicle maintenance and emergency 4x4 driving,
explained the ins and outs of the payroll, and generally imparted as much
knowledge as I could absorb.  I learnt a lot.  And then in the middle of
week-7 Ed left.  Since it was a very quiet week I squeezed in 2-days
leave, my first break since arriving in Honduras.  I went to Tela, a
pretty little beach town on the Caribbean coast.  I phoned home and tried
to send emails, but unfortunately my Inbox was swamped with several
thousand spam email messages and I spent most of my time deleting them.

The last three weeks have been very hectic here at Base Camp, yet I feel I
have settled into my new role fairly well.  We have had some problematic
times with several political and emergency situations, which I have had to
manage.  As I am writing this I am struggling to focus my memories on
specific events that I can talk about.  My time here has been incredibly
interesting and memories of only a few weeks ago seem lifetimes ago.  It
is a blur.

But, the project finishes next Saturday and by then we have to have every
piece of equipment inventoried and off the mountain in storage.  It is a
hell-of-a-task, but when it is done there will be a hell-of-a-party in San
Pedro Sula for those few people who are still around (that is unless we
fall asleep by 6pm!).  I had planned to do some travelling after the
expedition and return to the UK on the 14th September.  However, since I
have a new life to organise back in London I will now be coming home on
the 8th in a potentially vain attempt to sort things out well in advance
of 1st October.

Get in touch if you want to meet up on my return, I'll probably spend at
least a couple of weeks in Sheffield before moving more permanently to
London.  And a reminder to all of you: if you know anyone with a spare
room -- preferably central(ish) -- I may be quite interested in taking it,
at least for a short while.

Take care


PS More photos have hopefully been uploaded!?

Daniel Pupius
e: dan at pupius.co.uk
m: 07801 565 296
w: http://pupius.co.uk

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