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Well...I was going to turn around and try to explain myself when you first
sent this one, but then you pretty much hit the nail on the head with one of
your other e-mails, Joyce, so for the most part you've already said what I
was thinking of saying :)

My basic model that I'm thinking of is Monologue, the collaborative blog
feed of the guys working on Mono.  I think that collectively, we've got more
than enough people here to be able to convince--over the long term--others
of the benefits of a unified browser-based toolkit, as well as keep a
potential audience up to date as to the progress of the toolkit's
development.  As well as informing all of the basic opinions leading to the
choice of working on this kit, and even perhaps persuading some of the
lurkers here (cough Dean and Simon cough) that it's something worth

As far as s9y, in some ways it does seem like it could work for us, but even
playing with it briefly points me at some of it's weaknesses (for instance,
the inability to access any of the categories you've created, Joyce), hence
the reason for the original post.  I don't expect to be taking over
infrastructure at all, but I do think I've been sort of designated as the
one doing the design...and I'd really prefer not to do it in a vacuum.  (I
can probably figure out how to make it do what I want it to do, but if
there's something out there that's a little closer to satisfying all of our

Martin, your points are taken.  I'll see what I can do.  But...Joyce is
right in this as far as Marketing 101 goes.  Our potential audience is not
just the developers who might use the toolkit, but (more importantly) the
people who make the decisions to use the toolkit in the first place.  In my
opinion, it's these people (i.e. management) who we have to convince first;
most developers who are interested in DHTML will (probably) take an interest
in what we're doing simply because of the nature of what we're doing.  The
goal is to keep those kinds of people informed while convincing "those who
can say yes" to adopt the kit in the first place. 

And yes, participation (particularly with the blog) is a good start.  In the
very least it informs a potential audience as to who is participating;
hopefully it would be picked up in the "blogosphere" and begin to generate
its own interest.  Noticing Scott's ping on one of Joyce's posts, I would
hope that would be the case.


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> Hi Tom,
> Before we even spend time thinking about this we should 
> probably talk about what we want from a blog in the first place.
> My thought from the beginning is that a blog would be the 
> easiest way for us to put our agenda on the map as a group.  
> I imagined that we would roll out some topic of interest to 
> all of us -- e.g. whether DHTML is doomed in the face of 
> XAML, what DHTML is actually good for, whether DHTML widgets 
> should be in individual windows or all in one window -- that 
> we would discuss publically on this blog and our individual 
> blogs.  I hoped that relatively quickly this would put us in 
> the position of "hey, these people are thinking about DHTML 
> in an interesting way and I want to keep tabs on their 
> project".  I think in the main this plan has been entirely 
> unsuccessful.  There has been no pickup from any of your 
> blogs as far as I can tell, and all discussions have died 
> fairly rapid deaths -- which is fine and perhaps inevitable.  
> It's also possible that I am personally the wrong person for 
> the job, since I am not famous as a DHTML dev per se and 
> perhaps my style is more provocative than some of you are 
> comfortable with.
> The other idea of what our blog should be is more what I 
> think Leonard once
> suggested:  announcements about Dojo's progress.  If that's 
> the case, to be honest, I think a long list of requirements 
> is totally beside the point.  In that case, I suggest we move 
> to a smaller and lighter-weight system like Bloxsom, create a 
> single admin account for group announcements, and have done 
> with it.  JP
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