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Sat Aug 28 19:55:49 CDT 2004

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Joyce Park wrote:
| --- Dylan Schiemann <mail at dylans.org> wrote:
|>I've been reluctant to promote
|>this "too soon"... meaning, I don't really want the whole world
|>following this until we make some actual progress on the codebase.
| So if there's one thing I've learned from promoting Open Source
projects (as
| well as from the Smiths ;-)), it's that these things take time.  It's
not like
| we're going to roll out a beta and the world will swoon at our feet.
We have
| to make our case over and over and over and over -- long past the time
| we're sick of making it, and have descended to the eye-rolling "whatever"
| stage.  Plus we have to make and manage contacts all the time, and
it's hard to
| predict how these vectors will happen.  The more exposure we have --
the more
| blog posts, the more presentations, the more demos, the more links,
the more
| friends who talk about us with their friends, the more high-ranking search
| results on appropriate topics -- the more chances we have to meet our
|  It's marketing 101, right?  There's almost literally no value to
running an
| advertisement once... you have to commit to an organized campaign for
months or
| years to build up that recognition that will cause people to turn to
you when
| they encounter a problem you can solve for them.
| Perhaps this is more apparent to me because I'm sort of a latecomer to
| but we have a harder task than many groups.  For people who have no
skin in the
| game, it's very very very difficult to understand why DHTML is worth
doing at
| all, especially compared to Flash and XUL and whatever XAML turns out
to be.
| Lots of people also more or less gave up on DHTML a few years ago, and
| especially eager to be seduced and abandoned again.  I think
convincing people
| that DHTML is a viable long-term app development platform adds even more
| difficulty to the task.  And finally, explaining why there's a need for a
| unified toolkit is a further stretch.  You all have interesting things
to say
| about it in person, but no way does it come across on the site.

To argue the counterpoint (not that I don't agree with what you have to
say), a number of the big flame-outs were victims of being marketed
before there was something their worth marketing (boo.com is the best
example that comes to mind).  But in our case, I think you're right.  My
concern was that I get a little upset with myself when I get someone
highly interested in Dojo, then have to scale back their expectations
when they start asking what they can check out now.  So I guess my point
becomes, I feel fine at this point marketing our industry, our prestige,
our expertise, but am still a little reluctant telling the world what
we're doing until we have something at least partially in place.

- -Dylan
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