[ng-dhtml] blog software / requirements

Joyce Park truitejeunefille at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 28 18:27:21 CDT 2004

--- Dylan Schiemann <mail at dylans.org> wrote:
> I've been reluctant to promote
> this "too soon"... meaning, I don't really want the whole world
> following this until we make some actual progress on the codebase.
So if there's one thing I've learned from promoting Open Source projects (as
well as from the Smiths ;-)), it's that these things take time.  It's not like
we're going to roll out a beta and the world will swoon at our feet.  We have
to make our case over and over and over and over -- long past the time when
we're sick of making it, and have descended to the eye-rolling "whatever"
stage.  Plus we have to make and manage contacts all the time, and it's hard to
predict how these vectors will happen.  The more exposure we have -- the more
blog posts, the more presentations, the more demos, the more links, the more
friends who talk about us with their friends, the more high-ranking search
results on appropriate topics -- the more chances we have to meet our audience.
 It's marketing 101, right?  There's almost literally no value to running an
advertisement once... you have to commit to an organized campaign for months or
years to build up that recognition that will cause people to turn to you when
they encounter a problem you can solve for them.

Perhaps this is more apparent to me because I'm sort of a latecomer to DHTML,
but we have a harder task than many groups.  For people who have no skin in the
game, it's very very very difficult to understand why DHTML is worth doing at
all, especially compared to Flash and XUL and whatever XAML turns out to be. 
Lots of people also more or less gave up on DHTML a few years ago, and aren't
especially eager to be seduced and abandoned again.  I think convincing people
that DHTML is a viable long-term app development platform adds even more
difficulty to the task.  And finally, explaining why there's a need for a
unified toolkit is a further stretch.  You all have interesting things to say
about it in person, but no way does it come across on the site.

Anyway Tom, didn't mean to totally hijack your blogware post.  S9y actually
does everything you want, but it sounds to me like you're just not very
comfortable with it -- which is fine with me, I hate all blogware anyway :-). 
Since it sounds like you'll be taking over the web infrastructure, can I just
ask that you transfer over the s9y data to whatever blogware you end up
picking?  Thanks, JP

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