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Sat Aug 28 14:30:00 CDT 2004

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Joyce Park wrote:
| My thought from the beginning is that a blog would be the easiest way
for us to
| put our agenda on the map as a group.  I imagined that we would roll
out some
| topic of interest to all of us -- e.g. whether DHTML is doomed in the
face of
| XAML, what DHTML is actually good for, whether DHTML widgets should be in
| individual windows or all in one window -- that we would discuss
publically on
| this blog and our individual blogs.  I hoped that relatively quickly
this would
| put us in the position of "hey, these people are thinking about DHTML
in an
| interesting way and I want to keep tabs on their project".  I think in
the main
| this plan has been entirely unsuccessful.  There has been no pickup
from any of
| your blogs as far as I can tell, and all discussions have died fairly
| deaths -- which is fine and perhaps inevitable.

Well, I can speak only for myself here... I've been reluctant to promote
this "too soon"... meaning, I don't really want the whole world
following this until we make some actual progress on the codebase.  But
maybe that's the wrong approach... if you can convince me that I'm being
too conservative, I'll be happy to take a more proactive public approach.

| It's also possible that I am
| personally the wrong person for the job, since I am not famous as a
| per se and perhaps my style is more provocative than some of you are
| comfortable with.

I don't think this is the issue... at least it isn't for me.

- -Dylan
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