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Martin Cooper martinc at apache.org
Sat Aug 28 14:16:48 CDT 2004

BTW, on the logo, I *really* liked the previous caligraphy-style one. That 
had flair, and a certain "je ne sais quois". The new one looks so plain 
and undistinguished by comparison. ;-(

(Sorry, Tom!)


On Sat, 28 Aug 2004, Tom Trenka wrote:

> Hello all,
> OK, quite a while ago Joyce set up Serendipity on the dojotoolkit server; so
> far only she and I have made any posts...I've got some free time coming up
> (basically my wife is leaving for Korea--for 4+ months--tomorrow morning),
> and so I've turned my attention back to the Dojo web site and branding.
> I've redone the logo, and I'm much happier with it (and apparently Alex is
> too).  If you'd like to see the quick draft, here it is:
> http://www.dept-z.com/dropbox/dojo/logo3.20040824.gif
> I've also begun sketching out the basic layout (graph paper as of yet) for
> the overall site, with a focus right now on the blog itself, and with that I
> started delving into the Serendipity documentation...and basically I'm not
> impressed :(  Part of that can be because I haven't looked at PHP in
> something like 3 1/2 years; part of it (I'm sure) is that I'm currently
> working on a project for SixApart where I'm getting an in-depth view of
> MovableType.  Either way...
> I'd like to bring up the topic of blogging software again.  As far as I can
> see, these would be the basic requirements:
> 1.  Multiple authors
> 2.  A single set of categories accessible to the multiple authors.
> 3.  The ability to customize a set of templates (as opposed to one); for
> instance, an index page, an entry page, archives and comments.  And when I
> mean customize, I mean being able to specify things on an entry-by-entry
> basis if need be, with excerpts, continuations, summaries and more.
> 4.  The ability to provide multiple format XML feeds (like what Serendipity
> has right now).
> 5.  The ability to generate a calendar.
> 6.  The ability to do Trackbacks.
> 7.  The ability to create/generate multiple profile pages (I'm thinking
> about Dojo information here, not necessarily blog-related but certainly
> related to the overall site).
> 8.  Remote posting (i.e. browser-based).  Most of the available blogging
> packages have this, but I thought I should list it anyways.
> 9.  IP Banning / comment deletion.
> 10.  Permalinking
> 11.  URL rewriting, if possible.
> (I'm sure there's a couple of others, but I can't think of it right now).
> ...so I've gone out and done a quick review of the major packages available.
> In order:
> 1.  Serendipity (what we are using now)
> 2.  MovableType 3.x (need to pay for it)
> 3.  TypePad (also need to pay for it)
> 4.  Blogger (don't need to pay for it)
> 5.  WordPress (PHP-based, free, pretty comprehensive, still looking it over)
> As far as I can tell, Serendipity, MT, and WordPress support the multiple
> author/template creation process.  Exactly *how* each supports it, I'm still
> a little uncertain; at this point I am pretty familiar with MT, but stil
> have a bit to go with the other packages (and once again documentation seems
> to suck).  Blogger supports multiple authors, but provides for only one
> template.  TypePad (in theory) is essentially a web based service that uses
> MT in the background; the only problem right now is that SixApart doesn't
> give access to the actual templates used for a TypePad site (this will be
> changing within a month or so; I should know because I have to have that
> information to complete this project for them).
> Of course, both MT and TypePad cost money.  In theory I might be able to
> talk to Ben Trott and convince him to give us a discount, but I wouldn't
> count on any of that at all.  I *do* have a full copy of MT 3 right now, but
> I'd be really leery of actually using it without paying for it :)
> So...are there arguments for or against any particular package?  I would
> like to be a little better informed, since obviously some of you have used
> some of these other packages and seem to like it (i.e. Joyce and
> Serendipity, Alex, David and even myself with Blogger, etc.); and I would
> like to have this hammered out soon, because I plan on going "bingo-bango"
> as a friend of mine likes to put it and get something a bit more "official"
> up within 2 - 3 weeks.
> ---------
> Other things.
> We've talked about this before, but I'm at a point where I seriously need to
> know how we are going to organize the overall Dojo site, in terms of major
> sections.  As it stands right now, I'm going with the following sections:
> 1. info
> 2. blog
> 3. wiki
> 4. docs
> I'm working it over so that it will be fairly easy to add or remove one of
> these major sections; but it would very beneficial if we had this decided on
> *now*.  So, am I missing anything, or do I need to think of certain things
> in a different way?
> Please speak up NOW, if you have an opinion.  Even if the opinion is about a
> single section (for instance, right now probably Leonard is the only one
> dealing with the wiki, so he may have something to say about it).  And bear
> in mind that while I value your opinion, there may be times where I'll
> ignore it (for instance, when I showed David the new logo yesterday, he said
> "I don't like it" and after a little conversation it turned out the only
> thing he didn't like was the color...so now I'm ignoring his opinion on it
> and going forward :D).  Please don't take that the wrong way; I just want to
> get this decided on and done.
> Tom
> (ps Joyce, if Serendipity does support everything I'm thinking about, I will
> probably want to pick your brains about the custom development of it.)
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