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Martin Cooper martinc at apache.org
Sat Aug 28 14:12:24 CDT 2004

On Sat, 28 Aug 2004, Joyce Park wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Before we even spend time thinking about this we should probably talk about
> what we want from a blog in the first place.
> My thought from the beginning is that a blog would be the easiest way for us to
> put our agenda on the map as a group.  I imagined that we would roll out some
> topic of interest to all of us -- e.g. whether DHTML is doomed in the face of
> XAML, what DHTML is actually good for, whether DHTML widgets should be in
> individual windows or all in one window -- that we would discuss publically on
> this blog and our individual blogs.  I hoped that relatively quickly this would
> put us in the position of "hey, these people are thinking about DHTML in an
> interesting way and I want to keep tabs on their project".  I think in the main
> this plan has been entirely unsuccessful.  There has been no pickup from any of
> your blogs as far as I can tell, and all discussions have died fairly rapid
> deaths -- which is fine and perhaps inevitable.  It's also possible that I am
> personally the wrong person for the job, since I am not famous as a DHTML dev
> per se and perhaps my style is more provocative than some of you are
> comfortable with.

I'm not much of a blog person, but IMHO these types of discussions are 
much more effective on a mailing list. People can more easily lurk, and 
chime in when they have something to say. The messages come to them; they 
don't have to go to a web site to keep up, or to reply. A historic record 
of the discussion is available in searchable archives.

For people who don't want all the mail (if the volume cranks up), there 
are digest lists. For people who prefer a newsreader interface, the list 
can be hooked up to gmane - which will also provide archives. So you get 
three interfaces for the price of one.

Once decisions are made on the mailing lists, they can be recoded on the 
wiki, along with the rationale behind them. That way, anyone can check the 
wiki to see what has already been decided, so that things don't get 
rehashed too often. (Not rehashed at all would be wishful thinking. ;)

My 2 cents...


> The other idea of what our blog should be is more what I think Leonard once
> suggested:  announcements about Dojo's progress.  If that's the case, to be
> honest, I think a long list of requirements is totally beside the point.  In
> that case, I suggest we move to a smaller and lighter-weight system like
> Bloxsom, create a single admin account for group announcements, and have done
> with it.  JP
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