[ng-dhtml] blog software / requirements

Joyce Park truitejeunefille at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 28 13:55:40 CDT 2004

Hi Tom,

Before we even spend time thinking about this we should probably talk about
what we want from a blog in the first place.

My thought from the beginning is that a blog would be the easiest way for us to
put our agenda on the map as a group.  I imagined that we would roll out some
topic of interest to all of us -- e.g. whether DHTML is doomed in the face of
XAML, what DHTML is actually good for, whether DHTML widgets should be in
individual windows or all in one window -- that we would discuss publically on
this blog and our individual blogs.  I hoped that relatively quickly this would
put us in the position of "hey, these people are thinking about DHTML in an
interesting way and I want to keep tabs on their project".  I think in the main
this plan has been entirely unsuccessful.  There has been no pickup from any of
your blogs as far as I can tell, and all discussions have died fairly rapid
deaths -- which is fine and perhaps inevitable.  It's also possible that I am
personally the wrong person for the job, since I am not famous as a DHTML dev
per se and perhaps my style is more provocative than some of you are
comfortable with.

The other idea of what our blog should be is more what I think Leonard once
suggested:  announcements about Dojo's progress.  If that's the case, to be
honest, I think a long list of requirements is totally beside the point.  In
that case, I suggest we move to a smaller and lighter-weight system like
Bloxsom, create a single admin account for group announcements, and have done
with it.  JP

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