[ng-dhtml] Non-profit corporation/foundation for Dojo

Dylan Schiemann mail at dylans.org
Mon Aug 23 12:08:47 CDT 2004

I've been looking into the requirements for setting up a non-profit corporation/foundation for Dojo.  Some of the reasons for doing this:

1. As Alex and I have had a number of discussions with people about Dojo, one thing that comes up regularly is that people want assurance that the code is "owned" by someone or something that is not going to take away rights (for example, what Jive did with their forums package).

2. A way to become an organization that can accept contributions... for example, one company has offered to donate money towards the purchase of a new server and for co-location, but Alex or one of us would be liable for income tax if there isn't a separate tax entity for Dojo.

3. Limit the liability that could be applied to any one individual.

So at this point I wanted to make this public and get feedback or comments from anyone on the list before I move forward with actually doing anything to set it up.  The effort involved in doing this is pretty modest.  I had thought about trying to set this up through another OS organization rather than doing it ourselves, but none of them seem to really mesh well with what we're doing.


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