[ng-dhtml] non-namespace'd outliers and re-location requirement

Tom Trenka ng-dhtml at dept-z.com
Sat Aug 14 19:53:07 CDT 2004

Um, not sure what you mean by that (it's been a long day and a long week :).
Are you saying that we can't stick things in the global namespace at all?
Like I did with the Import function in f(m)?

> One of the things that's very clear to me now is that we 
> can't have non-namespaced outliers to our naming system. I 
> don't know how we're going to actually handle the process of 
> defining a new root for the toolkit (com.foo.dojo.* instead 
> of dojo.*), but it's probably going to be at build time 
> (although I need to find out if this is actually going to fly 
> with users).
> Tom, are you going to be OK with this?
> Regards
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