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Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Tue Aug 10 18:19:06 CDT 2004

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that it looks like I'm going to 
finally have to hand over the NW domain to Microsoft. I received the 
first C&D from them years ago, and I've managed to keep it something 
of a secret, since I didn't want it to affect toolkit development in 
any way. 

While I strongly feel that their claims are frivolous and baseless, I 
can't afford to win, loose, or even draw in this fight. All of the 
major systems that use the word "*indows" in their names have either 
given in or been otherwise forced to change in the past year, and the 
odds of an outlying data point such as myself being able to effect a 
different outcome are near zero. I have been able to hold MS off for 
almost 3 years regarding this issue, and I think that's something of 
a victory in itself, but not much of a consolation.

A new name will be forthcoming (suggestions?). Once we have a new 
name, we'll have to phase out use of the name "netWindows" almost 

I apologize to anyone and everyone for the headaches this will cause.

It's the most frustrating thing in the world to have to blink first, 
because you know that if you don't you'll just be turned into dust on 
the heel of the other guy. Neither the case law nor the facts support 
Microsoft's assertions regarding their rights to my domain, but I 
also have to eat.

Sorry guys, I feel like I'm letting everyone down, but we've got more 
important things to do that piss away momentum for the project on a 
nuisance lawsuit which I don't have the funds to win.


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