[ng-dhtml] httpd on server

Joyce Park truitejeunefille at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 01:56:05 CDT 2004

Hi guys,

Did someone recently shut off the web server and restart it?  In doing so, you
started the other Apache2 instance (/usr/sbin), which turned off the blog and
wiki.  We were just starting to get our first significant linkage on the blog
-- ScottAndrew linked to us yesterday, for instance -- so it's a little

I configured the Apache in /usr/local/apache2 to work with the blog and wiki. 
If you want to do differently, go ahead -- but please take responsiblity for
making sure other community resources don't break.  Please drop us a line when
the wiki and blog are back up.  Long-term, we should probably agree to get rid
of one of the Apaches.  JP

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