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Thu Jun 11 19:29:37 EDT 2009

#9393: Custom build fails in jslib/i18nUtil.flattenLayerFileBundles()
 Reporter:  William Chapman      |        Owner:  jburke
     Type:  defect               |       Status:  new   
 Priority:  normal               |    Milestone:  tbd   
Component:  BuildTools           |      Version:  1.3.0 
 Severity:  normal               |   Resolution:        
 Keywords:  i18n, custom build,  |  

Comment(by William Chapman):

 William Chapman added the following comment about

 I've noticed the following undesirable (to me) behavior in this method
 (for which I needed to rework my code to get as far as I did) that might
 need some work:

 (1) This line of code (line 62) finds the dojo.requireLocalization()

         var requireStatements =
 But this code is not sensitive to comments, so it includes commented out
 Perhaps comments should be stripped before processing.

 (2) This code block (lines 55-60) gets tripped up if the bundlename
 argument of the dojo.requireLocalization() call contains anything but a
 literal string:

         var drl = dojo.requireLocalization;
         dojo.requireLocalization = function(modulename, bundlename,
                 drl(modulename, bundlename, locale);
         //TODO: avoid dups?
                 djLoadedBundles.push({modulename: modulename, module:
 eval(modulename), bundlename: bundlename});
 So, as it stands, developers need to know - that if they intend to use the
 build utility - to avoid writing something like this:[[BR]]

     lang.requireLocales = function (locale) {
         dojo.forEach(["bundle1", "bundle2", "bundle3"], function (bundle)
             dojo.requireLocalization("moduleName", bundle, null);

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